Why Is Mexico Real Cafe A Gourmet Arabica Coffee?

Why Is Mexico Real Cafe A Gourmet Arabica Coffee?

Mexico Real Cafe’s Collection of Pluma Oaxaca Coffee & Maya Elixir Chiapas are Gourmet coffees because they are made up 100% Strictly High Grown Arabica coffees.
Our coffee beans grow wild under the shade of tall trees, at high altitudes (1400 & 1600m.), in volcanic soils and are picked by hand by the descendants of the Maya and Zapotec cultures.
Mexico Real coffees also grow in unique ecosystems and are traditionally grown. Our coffees are farmed in an environmentally friendly way and are free of pesticides, making it so that cultivation does not damage the ecosystem where our coffee grows.
Our Maya Elixir Coffee grows in The Maya Biosphere Reserve. This majestic tropical rainforest is home to wild animals in danger of extinction, such as the Jaguar, Quetzal, Pavon and other exotic birds, mammals and plants.
Our Pluma Oaxaca Coffee grows next to Oaxaca’s virgin beaches, mangroves which are the home to crocodiles, and the largest turtle sanctuary on the Pacific Coast.
The name Pluma (feather) was inspired by the dozens of birds arriving to the mountain where our Pluma coffee grows wild.
The combination of high altitudes, the unique ecosystem, intensive hand care, artisan growing techniques, the love and knowledge of our coffee growers, and the quality of our Arabica coffee plants result in one of the best coffees in the world.
Mexico Real Café was awarded 2 gold stars in the Superior Taste Award in Belgium 2016, for its gourmet quality and unique flavour.
You can enjoy a cup of Mexico Real Arabica Coffee with your mates or loved ones, at home, or at your office and Stay Healthy While Drinking Coffee. There are many health reasons to drink coffee. Continue reading our Mexico Real’s Cafe Blog and you will find many interesting coffee facts, recipes and learn about Mexican culture!
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