Want To Know The Difference Between An Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo, Doppio Or An Americano Coffee?

Which One Would You Like To Drink: An Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo, Doppio Or An Americano Coffee? Want To Know The Difference Between Them?

Since we have received many emails from our readers asking what is an espresso (or expresso in French and Spanish), ristretto, lungo or an Americano coffee, we have devoted this post to explaining the difference between them. All these types of coffee drinks are based on an espresso coffee.
Espresso coffee was born in northern Italy in the 19th century and it has become very popular in Europe. In Italy, Italians use to drink an espresso coffee at any time but mainly in the morning.
It’s very representative of the Italian culture to see Italians in the morning lining up at a coffee shop to order an espresso. They drink standing in the coffee shop and then leave. The name of this coffee comes from its brewing method: Espresso.
The Espresso brewing method involves high pressure. The coffee produced in this way contains lower levels of caffeine. To make an Espresso coffee at home you need an espresso coffee machine or a moka espresso maker. You also need 8g. of espresso coffee (fine ground coffee like the Mexico Real Coffee ground) and around 30ml. of filtered water.  Brew the coffee for 25-30 seconds.
Espresso Coffee should be served in a small cup (50ml. cup) half full (25 ml.) and it must have a thick layer of tiny bubbles known as crema. Espresso must be prepared at fresh and drunk immediately otherwise the crema will shrink.
Ristretto means limited/narrow in Italian. To make a ristretto you need 8g. of fine ground coffee (the same amount of fine ground coffee to prepare an espresso), but in a ristretto the brewing time is shorter, only 15 -20 seconds. The result is a small and intense espresso, around 15-20ml, characterised for its intense flavour and aftertaste, and thick texture.
Lungo means long in Italian; therefore lungo is a long espresso. You can get your lungo espresso by using 8g. of fine ground coffee and extending the brewing time over 30 seconds and using more water in the process. Usually lungo is around 60ml. and has more caffeine content than ristretto and espresso. Because we use more water and the same amount of fine ground coffee, the body of lungo coffee is thinner.
Doppio in Italian means double; therefore, a doppio espresso means two shots of espresso. If you use 16g of fine ground coffee (Mexico Real Arabica Coffee) and around 60ml. of filtered water, you will get approximately 50ml of coffee.
The Americano coffee was not born in Italy but it has European roots as it was invented during the second world war by American soldiers who found the espresso coffee very strong and added hot water to soften its flavour and intensity. The hot water you add to make an Americano coffee is adjusted according to your taste.
As seen in this post you can make many coffee drinks with your Mexico Real Fine Ground Coffee (espresso ground coffee). In addition you can add milk, cocoa (Cocoa Mocha Coffee), alcohol (Tequila, Rum, Vodka, etc.) sugar, cinnamon (Cafe de Olla Style) , honey etc. and get a great and tasty variety of coffee drinks. In this blog we will give you more ideas to enjoy your Mexico Real Arabica Coffee!!
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