Coffee the Most Influential Drink in World History: Interesting Coffee Facts

The Fascinating History of Coffee Through The  Ages: 

Interesting Coffee Facts

Since coffee is the drink that has had the greatest impact on the human history, Mexico Real Cafe presents you some facts that point out the influence of coffee on our daily life dating back hundreds of years.
Coffee has also been loved by important people around the word in various fields: politics, religion, arts, and science, etc.  Continue reading this post to learn more about the history of coffee.
Coffee is not only a tasty drink that has made history but it will also energize your day due to caffeine, its stimulant properties, and antioxidants!!!
  • In Constantinople, the first coffee houses were called “school of wisdom” because they were the meeting places of men of art and literature.
  • In The 9th century an Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee by accident when he noticed his goats appearing to dance after eating coffee berries.
  • The word coffee comes from the Arabic word for wine.
  • In ancient Arab culture there was only one way a woman could legally divorce: If her husband didn’t provide enough coffee.
  • Coffee was first banned in Mecca in 1511 because leaders believed it stimulated radical thinking.
  • In the 16th century Italian clergymen tried to ban coffee because they believed it to be satanic. Luckily Pope Clement VIII loved coffee so much that he lifted the ban and allowed Catholics to drink coffee.
  • A French doctor in the 1600s recommended Cafe Au Lait (coffee with milk or latte) for patients, inspiring people to begin adding milk to coffee.
  • In the 17th century in the Ottoman Empire, drinking coffee was punished by death.
  • The French philosopher Voltaire used to drink 50 cups of coffee a day.
  • In 1777, Frederick the Great of Prussia issued a manifesto declaring beer’s superiority to coffee because he believed coffee interfered with the country’s beer consumption.
  • Bach wrote an opera about a woman who was addicted to coffee.
  • Beethoven loved coffee and insisted that each cup of coffee he consumed must be made with exactly 60 beans.
  • The first webcam was invented in The University of Cambridge in England in order for people to check the status of a coffee pot.
  • The name Cappuccino comes from the resemblance of the drink to the clothing of the capuchin monks.
  • Coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried for preservation during World War II.
  • Espresso is regulated by the Italian government because it is an essential part of the Italian culture.
  • In Italy the average Barista age is 48, and it is a very respected profession. A barista is a coffee specialist.
  • In Japan there is a spa where you can take a bath in coffee.
  • Irish coffee was invented to warm up cold American plane passengers leaving Ireland.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, Ex–President of the United States was the greatest American coffee drinker.
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