Mariachi, the Icon of Mexican Culture, and its Relation to Pluma Oaxaca Coffee

The History of Mariachi, the Icon of Mexican Culture, and its Relation to Pluma Arabica Oaxaca Coffee

Dear readers our post for today is dedicated to Mariachi, the most widely known icon of Mexican culture.
Talking about mariachi is very exciting because Mexican people, both men and women, are proud of mariachis.
At Mexico Real Cafe we are proud to share with you some interesting facts about Mariachi, which has become a symbol of Mexican culture.
Mariachi is an important element of the modern Mexican culture, today mariachi unites Mexicans from all regions of the country and Mexicans living abroad.
Mariachi has also been welcomed in countries like America, France, Spain, England, Italy, and far away countries like Russia, Japan, etc.
Are you ready to learn a little bit more about Mariachi? Ok let’s start…
For those who do not know anything about Mexican culture, let’s start by saying that Mariachi is a style of music traditionally played by men dressed in charro suits.
The charro suits were the daily attire worn by Mexican horsemen (similar to cowboys) who worked on haciendas or ranches (ranchos in spanish) in Jalisco decades ago.
Jalisco is a magical state located in Western Mexico. It is known as the land of mariachis and tequila (Try tequila coffee), as both originated in this state.
Jalisco is also known for its beautiful women and handsome men who are particularly handsome because their appearance is result of a combination of Mexican indigenous people, European and American descendants that occupied this land after the arrival of the Spanish conquerors.
Now, that you know who is a mariachi, let’s talk about mariachi music.
Mariachi music is a popular music played and sang by a mariachi band. This style of music was born in the multiple haciendas or ranchos located in Jalisco.
Mariachi music is played nowadays for special occasions and at fancy events because hiring a mariachi band has become expensive.
This is because a mariachi band is comprised of at least by 10 people each one playing a different musical instrument including guitars, guitarrones, violins, trumpet, vihuelas, and sometimes a harp.
Mariachis today are hired to play music for weddings, baptisms, funerals (to say goodbye to loved ones at the cemetery), Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, birthday celebrations, and most importantly to conquer the heart of a lady.
Yes!!! If you are a man and want to conquer your Mexican lady’s heart, we recommend you to hire mariachis for a night serenade to please your loved one.
Mexican women consider serenades to be a symbol of your love. Mexican women cannot resist a mariachi serenade.
Mariachi music is also loved by Mexican men (and women!) suffering from broken heart.
When Mexican men suffer from broken heart they gather with friends for some drinks and hire mariachis to play romantic mariachi songs to soothe their broken hearts.
Mariachis also play and sing music to honour their love for Mexico as a country.
For this reason mariachi has become very popular in America among the Mexican communities who take pride in their Mexican roots and traditions.
Among the Mexicans living abroad and far from Mexico it is common to hear songs such as Mexico Lindo y Querido (“Beautiful and Beloved Mexico”) or performed by mariachis because this song has become Mexico’s unofficial anthem.
When Mexico Lindo y Querido is performed by mariachis, it evokes a combination of deep feelings such as pride for Mexico and sadness to be far from your home country.
One of the most iconic Mariachi singers of all time is Jorge Negrete known as “El Charro Cantor”.
Despite the fact that he passed away more than 50 years ago, Jorge Negrete continues representing the image of the Mexican Mariachi because of his prodigious voice and handsome mestizo appearance (A mixture of European and indigenous people).
Lucero de Mexico, also known as The Bride of America (La Novia de America), is an iconic female mariachi singer.
She is very popular for singing mariachi music not only in Mexico but Lucero has also brought mariachi music in America, South America and Europe where she has conquered hearts during her performances because of her voice, mariachi music, and meztizo beauty.
Among the most popular songs that are played and sang by mariachis when they are hired for special events or when they perform in a concert in Mexico or abroad are:
Mexico Lindo y Querido(Beautiful and Beloved Mexico); Volver, Volver; El Rey, Se Me Olvido Otra Vez, Por Mujeres Como Tu, Las Mañanitas (Mexican Birthday Song), Cielito Lindo (Mexico’s second national anthem), Si nos dejan, Guadalajara (Mexican Folk song from Jalisco), La Media Vuelta, La Bikina, Cancion Mixteca (Mexican Folk song from Oaxaca), and many more.
Cancion Mixteca was written by Oaxacan composer Jose Lopez Alavez as a tribute to this region of Oaxaca.
Cancion Mixteca describes feelings of homesickness feelings for Oaxaca. This song has become today an anthem both for the region of Oaxaca and for Mexican citizens living abroad who miss their homeland.
At Mexico Real Cafe we are proud to say that our Pluma Arabica Oaxaca Coffee is grown in Oaxaca.
Oaxaca is a southern state of Mexico, home of several indigenous cultures and considered a world cultural heritage of humanity site (UNESCO) for its folklore, traditional Mexican cuisine that was born from the influence of the indigenous and Spanish cuisines (e.g. Mole negro from Oaxaca, tamales, etc), delicious drinks like Pluma Oaxaca Coffee and mezcal, its beautiful colonial buildings, and its archeological old cities of Zapotec and Mixtec civilizations (Monte Alban).
Pluma Arabica Oaxaca coffee has also been the favourite beverage of mariachi singers who drink mexican arabica coffee to keep alert and get energy for their night performances and serenades.
Important artists such as the composer of Cancion Mixteca was a fervent lover of Pluma Oaxaca Coffee and drank cups of this aromatic coffee at night to get inspiration to write his songs.
So now that you know a bit more about iconic mariachis, Mexican culture and Pluma Oaxaca coffee, when drinking our gourmet arabica coffee you will be immersed in an explosion of flavours, and feelings that will evoke in you the best contributions of Mexico to the world.
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