Specialty Mountain Water Decaffeinated Pluma Oaxaca Coffee – Decaf Pluma Mountain Coffee – Grade AA, Supremo 227g

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Silky Coffee & Excellent Body, Cinnamon & Fruity Aroma, Vibrant & Pleasant Citrus Taste, Notes of Prunes and Apricots & Long Nutty Aftertaste. Italian Artisan roast in small batches – Specialty Grade & Supremo AA – Medium Roast – Ground Coffee – Whole Beans Coffee
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Selected Coffee Beans – Mountain Water Decaffeinated – Chemical Free Decaf – Single Origin: Pluma Oaxaca – High Grown 1400 mamsl
Our Mountain Water Decaffeinate Pluma Oaxaca Coffee or Decaf Pluma Mountain Coffee is a Gourmet Mexican Coffee consisting of the finest Arabica coffee. It is environmentally friendly grown under the shade of tall trees on fertile volcanic soils at higher altitudes (1,400-1,600 mamsl) on the mountains and nurtured by sea breezes. The name Pluma was inspired by the dozens of eagles arriving on this mountain to build their feather nests. Our skilful selection of the finest Arabica coffees results in a full- flavoured taste for a perfect gourmet mexican coffee.
Our Award Winning Speciality Coffee beans are artisan roast in small batches in the UK to ensure high quality. Mexico Real Coffee is among The World’s Best Artisan and Specialty Coffees, and our Pluma Oaxaca Coffee is part of our Exclusive Coffee Collection. Mexico Real Cafe was the only Mexican Coffee winner of the Superior Taste Award.
Our coffee plantations do not pollute the environment nor damage the ecosystem; our coffee plants grow under tall trees of the tropical rainforest. By buying our products you are supporting our Mexico Real Coffee’s farmers who are indigenous descendants. They continue growing coffee in a traditional and environmentally way, and preserving their traditions as well as Mexico’s tropical rainforests.
Try a new flavour, Try our Mexico Real Coffee, once you try it, you will love it!

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5 reviews for Specialty Mountain Water Decaffeinated Pluma Oaxaca Coffee – Decaf Pluma Mountain Coffee – Grade AA, Supremo 227g

  1. harryanderson.359

    Excellent quality, not bitter and full of flavour!
    It makes a rich cup with an excellent crema and its taste is amazing that it could be taken for a fully caffeinated coffee. Glad I found a coffee that isn’t bitter tasting and still full of so much flavour.
    I will come to enjoy this coffee everyday!!

  2. Clifford54

    Rich coffee with a lovely crema!
    Really good decaf, the water decaf method is the best. This coffee tastes gorgeous, it is great to get a full rich taste in a decaf. I will order it again

  3. davismarieohio

    No bitter aftertaste!
    I have already tried all the coffees of mexico real cafe, i love its water mountain decaf coffee. The price is good and the flavour is nice, it makes delicious coffee.

  4. rachejohn.12

    I am pleasantly surprised by this brand, the flavour and taste of its water decaf coffee is really good, I will definitely buy more of this brand.

  5. lukegreencolorado

    The best coffee ever!
    This decaffeinated coffee is awesome, when I opened the bag the aroma was amazing, the fruity taste is fabulous. I am an avid coffee drinker and this brand is my favourite, highly recommend!

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