Mexico Real places sustainability at the heart of everything, for this reason we only focus on environmentally friendly farmed practices.


As Mexico Real Coffee Grows Wild under the tall trees at the core of the most Exotic Tropical Rainforests in Mexico, our Coffee is Environmentally Friendly Farmed. Our coffee plantations do not pollute the environment nor damage the ecosystem; our coffee plants grow under tall trees of the tropical rainforest. They are grown traditionally and require a sustainable crop rotation.


By buying our products you are supporting Mexican farmers who have environmentally friendly farming practices. We also support the project Children of Rural Mexico to help to preserve Mexican culture, traditions and organic agriculture. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know more about our products and activities.

Quality and certifications

Our Mexico Real Coffee is ORGANIC Certified. It is a Gourmet Coffee environmentally friendly farmed and free of pesticides. Mexico Real Coffee grows wild in shade on volcanic soils in the most exotic tropical rainforests next to the coast and nurtured by sea breezes.


Mexico Real Coffee is a Specialty Coffee, 100% Pure Arabica Altura Coffee (Cafe de Altura). Altura is the Finest Grade of Mexican Coffee Grown, Altura means “High-Grown”.


Mexico Real – Mystico Organic Espresso Coffee was the only Mexican Coffee that Won 2 Stars in the Superior Taste Award 2016 by the iTQi.


Mexico Real is Specialized in The Finest Single Origin Arabica Coffee grown in Mexico.

Our Coffee Beans are Artisan Roasted in Small Batches.


Once you try our 100% Single Origin Coffee, you will love it!!

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Growth and Production


Our Specialty Coffee from Chiapas grows at High Altitude over 1,400 and 1600 mamsl. on fertile volcanic soils. This is at the Core of a Biosphere Reserve in the Maya zone, on the border between Chiapas-Mexico & Guatemala, next to the Pacific Ocean in the Soconusco Region. All these factors influence on its Delicious Flavour and high Quality.

The Maya Biosphere Reserve where our Chiapas Coffee grows is the Majestic Tropical Rainforest in Mexico. It is home of wild animals in danger of extinction, such as the Jaguar, Quetzal, Pavon and other exotic birds, mammals and plants. It is also home of Lacandones, who are descendants of Mayas.



Our Pluma Oaxaca Coffee is a unique variety of Arabica Coffee that only grows on the Zapotec Pluma Mountain, next to Oaxaca’s Virgin Beaches at Puerto Escondido and Huatulco. The name Pluma was inspired by the dozens of eagles arriving on this mountain to build their feather nests. Pluma Coffee is environmentally friendly grown under the shade of tall trees on fertile volcanic soils at higher altitudes (1,400-1,600 mamsl) on the mountains and nurtured by sea breezes. Our Pluma Coffee is grown by Zapotec descendants who continue growing coffee in a traditional way. These are perfect conditions to grow One of Mexico’s Finest Coffees.

How is our

Coffee Processed?

Our Single Origin Coffees grow in Fincas at the core of the most Exotic Tropical Rainforests in Mexico. Mexico Real Coffee is crafted by hand and sun-dried with the utmost care and attention to supreme quality. It is among The World’s Best Artisan and Specialty Coffees.

About Us


Mexico Mystico

Mexico Real Limited

Mexico Real was born from our love for natural, authentic and honest Mexican products grown from sustainable practices. We have worked in America and Europe and have a wide network of contacts around the world. We combine our passion for Mexican Arabica Coffee, professionalism and knowledge in the coffee sector. We are specialized in the best single origin coffees from Mexico. With over ten years of experience in international markets, in Mexico Real we understand and commit to satisfying our customers’ needs. Our coffee is carefully selected to fulfil the highest standards required by the most demanding markets. Mexico Real’s goal is to offer high quality coffee in Europe.

“Our mission is to be the preferred provider of Exclusive products. We provide quality, nutrition, authenticity and unique flavour combinations in all our products”



“Our vision is to lead the market for Speciality Products by combining our experience, contemporary trends, quality and innovation.”

Our Brands:

Mexico Mystico is another brand of Mexico Real that was developed to blend the present with the past. Mexico Mystico’s logo represents Mysticism, wisdom, power, legends, freshness, vitality, energy, strength, cleverness, freedom, leadership, attitude, determination and passion for life. It represents people’s best memories of the past and their eagerness for the future, to improve themselves.

Mexico Mystico’s logo was inspired by the jaguar (panthera onca) that lives in the Maya biosphere reserve where our coffee is grown in Chiapas-Mexico. Our jaguar is represented in a wooden handicraft style painted with modern vivid colours. This ancient art style is known as Alebrije and is originally from Oaxaca.

For the Maya and Aztec cultures in Mexico, jaguars represented a symbol of distinction, mysticism, wisdom, power, strength, cleverness, leadership and exclusivity. Only the most brave and important warriors like the jaguar warriors, leaders and governors could wear jaguar skin on their costumes, as depicted in Maya murals and codices. For Mayas, the jaguar was also known as Balam or Chac and considered a God. According to Mayan legend, The God Sun became a jaguar at night to walk into the dead’s world; the spots in his skin represented the stars in the darkness of the night. This jaguar deity is portrayed on the central panel in the Maya Temple of the Sun at Palenque Chiapas-Mexico. Today jaguars are in danger of extinction.

In Mexico Mystico’s logo, the jaguar’s body is covered with flowers and leaves to represent the exotic Maya rainforest biosphere reserve from where he comes. The Maya geometric patterns called grecas on his body represent his mystic origins attached to the Maya culture, and are linked to the universe through the stars where life starts and ends. The colours were inspired from the vivid colours of the Maya biosphere reserve. Yellow represents the jaguar’s skin colour, the powerful sun and the stars’ light. Green represents the exotic vegetation from the rainforest from where our jaguar and coffee come. Blue represents both the sunset seen from the Maya biosphere reserve and the colour of the rivers and Pacific Ocean next to the Maya biosphere reserve. The Mexican dark pink represents the joy for life, the friendly and vivid Mexican culture. It is also the colour of the lively exotic flowers growing in the exotic Maya rainforest.

Mexico Real

In Mexico Real’s logo we can see an EAGLE WARRIOR (Guerrero Aguila) who represents courage, energy, vigour, a brave spirit, freedom, something exotic, strength, power, self-control, and exclusivity.

The eagle warrior’s shelf is colourful and feathered. To protect his head the eagle warrior wears an eagle head covered with real feathers from exotic birds from the Maya Tropical Rainforest of the South of Mexico. The colours in our logo were gotten from natural pigments: turquoise, purple, golden, and shedron. We can find these colours in the Mayan murals from Bonampak Chiapas.

Mexico Real’s logo represents the roots of the Mexican culture: The Mexican Flag has an eagle eating a snake. The history of Mexico tells us that Mexicas were shown a vision of an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus, eating a snake. This vision indicated that this was the location where they were to build their home. They walked a thousand miles until they arrived at Lake Texcoco, where they saw an eagle eating a snake; there they founded the town of Tenochtitlan, today known as Mexico City.

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Our espresso coffee has a medium roast and fine ground. Mexico Real coffee has a characteristic fruity and nutty flavour. Its acidity is bright but not overpowering, and its aroma is delicate and fresh.


The location of the coffee plantations, weather, humidity, vegetation, the quality of the coffee plants and the experience of the coffee growers, all together result in Mexico Real coffee, one of the best organic and speciality coffees, whose flavour and high quality is recognised among the best coffees and preferred by coffee lovers from Europe and Asia.







Hand selection

of premium coffee

Washing and fermentation

Drying process




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